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Friday, March 25, 2005

Yesterday it was Shame, today it's Fame

Yesterday, an anonymous poster said in response to my Hall of Shame of Romanian Web Design that:

Yelling is all we can do...
He's probably right about that :) Seems to be a Romanian trait... Anyway, that's not the purpose of this blog, which seeks to promote Romania but at the same time analyse and overanalyse it. So, I decided we also need a Hall of Fame for Romanian Web Design, a listing of websites of companies that have lifted Romanian design into world-class status and that could safely compete with companies in other European countries.

I've picked three "winners", and they are:

  • Connex. A company I really admire, due both to its world-class mobile services as well as due to its social projects such as Tu Faci Viitorul. Personally, I don't like the new design so much, but it's professional nonetheless, and the fact that it's coded with XHTML/CSS is an added bonus.
  • Ministerul Comunicaţiilor şi Tehnologiei Informaţiei - it's great to see a government department having such a nice website. Yes, I know they're meant to, because they deal with IT, but nonetheless, it's a nice, world-class site that's easy to use and has comprehesive content.
  • BeYou Trend - one of the best Romanian sites I've seen, this Iaşi-based fashion company uses XHTML/CSS to create a really professional, outstanding site in this industry.
Other sites I should nominate are: RDSLink and TVR. The TVR site is fairly disappointing because it uses many old-school techniques, but their actual marketing campaign offline is very good. I like Imaginea timpului tău, and I also like their TV presentation that they show in between programs. And they have a webcast! Great stuff.

I should also commend the e-government efforts of the government - their sites e-licitaţie and e-guvernare have been appreciated worldwide.

And maybe you know some other good Romanian showcase sites that deserve to be in the Hall of Fame?


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